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MettaDC - PT MettaDC Teknologi Indonesia together with APJII DKI held a joint road trip to the Batic (Bali Annual Telkom International Conference) 2023 event as well as visiting APJII East Java and Bali. This joint trip was conducted for three days.

The first event was held in Surabaya, East Java on Saturday (02/09/2023) at The Hotel Amaris And attended by APJII Jaktim team. While the second event is a team dinner was held in Denpasar, Bali on Monday (04/09/2023) at the Ratu Timur Restaurant.

MettaDC became the solo sponsor of APJII DKI on the trip. This was done to expand connections, stay in touch, and introduce MettaDC as a colocation provider in Indonesia in accordance with the existing vision and mission. Through this event, MettaDC had the opportunity to socialize in front of the APJII team about the colocation data center which is a superior product presented by MettaDC Sales and Marketing Manager, Frizky Bestian.

“It is a pleasure for MettaDC to have the opportunity to meet the APJII Surabaya and Bali’s members through APJII DKI. It is hoped that this gathering could lead to good relationship and the new partnership can be established.”, Frizky explained during the meeting.

After the meeting with APJII East Java and APJII Bali was over, MettaDC and APJII DKI continued their road trip to Batic (Bali Annual Telkom International Conference) 2023. Batic is an international telecommunications forum platform held for the meeting of ICT players, global telco operators, and a place to exchange information about the telecommunications industry. The forum, which was also held in 2022, is a forum for developing networking and business agreements.

MettaDC believes that through this event it can expand its network and opportunities to become a leading telecommunications company in Indonesia.

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